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What's so great about North Whidbey Farm Goat Milk Soap and Body Products? Just take a look at what our customers have to say about our products, we really do make The Best Goat Milk Soap and Body Products. Do you have a testimonial you would like to add to our website? Please email us: [email protected] with your testimonial!

Comfrey Calendula Salve 11/8/17
My mom can't say enough good things about all of your products. We came home with the comfrey calendula salve and I love it - it has been the best things for scrapes, cuts, burns, and bug bites for me and the kids. ~ Erica.

Goat Milk Soap 6/10/16
I became aware of your soaps when my dearest friend on Whidbey sent me a bar of Patchouli Mint. Wow! The fragrance of that bar filled the house. The creamy consistency, visual beauty of the bar and its long lasting use made me want to try them all. I think your soaps are the most lovely, visually and textually, with full fragrance. There's a luxuriousness about them and your commitment to quality is evident. It takes real passion to put so much effort into creating these beautiful soaps and balms. I haven't tried them all yet, but already love the Mint Lip Balm, Pink Grapefruit, Spearmint and Star Anise Soaps. The scents of these are wonderful and pure. And, I LOVE your Comfrey Calendula Salve. It's great on bug bites and irritated skin. JG

Goat Milk Soap 8/2/15
The soap is yummy! We love it---got some today at the Coupeville Festival. And we love watching your goats play...they are happy and wonderful! ~ Denise and Mike

Goat Milk Soap and Comfrey Calendula Salve 8/15/15
I made soap for years, and years. From rendered suet...triple milled for smoothness. I am impressed with your craftsmanship. These are really lovely bars. Also your Calendula salve is really nice. Mine isn't quite as dreamy. I think it's the essential oils. Keep on trucking!~ Liz

Unscented Soap 8/2/14
I've used several unscented soaps through the years, but this is the best I've tried. It is not drying at all. I use it for my face and body. My goal is to go without moisturizer and I can with this soap! ~ Chel, Coupeville

Star Anise Soap, Rosemary + Mint Soap 7/19/14
These soaps are wonderful on your skin and smell fabulous. ~ Beth, Coupeville

Lavender Soap 6/28/14
My skin feels so soft after I use it! I LOVE this soap! ~ Lori, Anacortes

Tea Tree Soap 6/28/14
I, myself, used it and for the first time my psoriasis was completely eliminated and my mom in Alaska loves it as well, can't wait to get more! ~ Damon, Anacortes

Lavender Soap 6/28/14
The Lavender soap lathers up so nice and makes your skin soft. ~ Elizabeth, Anacortes

Vanilla Soap 6/21/14
I find goat milk soap gentle on my complexion, and doesn't leave my skin dry. It is so moisturizing. I break out with a rash from anything harsh, but not with North Whidbey Farm Goat Milk Soap. It is the best I've tried! ~ Vanessa, Anacortes

Goat Milk Soap 6/13/14
I love Kim's soap! They gently cleanse and leave your skin feeling radiant and nourished. The smells are wonderful. I've tried Energy (refreshing citrus), Coffee Scrub, Lilac and Spearmint. I have a bar in my shower and at my kitchen sink, and just gave a bar to my friend. I highly recommend her soaps, they are a real treat! ~ Erin, Seattle

Coffee Scrub Soap 5/31/14
It's an exfoliating soap, it stimulates your skin and I smell wonderful after using it. I'm going to be a regular customer! ~ Pat, Anacortes

Body Butter 5/31/14
The body butter absorbs right in and has huge healing properties, it is none greasy. The end results are clearly seen on your skin. ~ Linda, Anacortes

Lilac Soap 5/31/14
I love it, it's my favorite part of my shower! ~ Vanessa, Seattle

Peppermint Scrub
I bought this soap at the Coupville Farmer's Market. I loved it, my skin is so soft and smooth after using it. I have also tried the Oatmeal and Honey, also a very good soap. ~ Marjorie, Holland.

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