North Whidbey Farm

Brian and Kimberley Christensen have been raising goats for milk since 2013, on the family farm belonging to Brian's parents Ron and Sue, and before them, Ron's parents Henning and Dorothy. Five generations of Christensens have lived and worked on the property which is now known as North Whidbey Farm since 1935. The move to goat farming became a reality in 2013 when Brian moved back to the family property, with the vision of selling raw goat milk to the locals. A raw milk license was obtained within a few years of starting the farm, however, it was not a viable income for our growing family. Kimberley started making and selling Goat Milk Soap, as well as other body products, of natural and organic origin in 2013. Today, our family of 6 makes Chevre, Caramel Sauce, Soap and Lotion, all from milk from our dairy goats, as well as a growing number of quality natural body products that your skin will love and the aromatherapy from natural essential oils will entice you. Our goal is to make the best possible products and to package them in such a way as to leave the smallest possible footprint on the earth for a more sustainable and organic future.

Our goats are a mix of Oberhasli and Guernsey. They can be seen along Frostad Road, climbing the big rock in the field for top position. But, they mostly hide out in the barn, where they believe they get better food, plus, it's dry and warm in there. They are after all, born and raised in Washington!! We added Guinea Hogs in 2018, and chickens and dairy sheep in the spring of 2020.

We are located on 231 E Frostad Road, Oak Harbor. If you live locally and want to pick up your items please email or phone for an appointment.

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